What is Crew?

Each student at our school is a member of a crew. We strive to have student crews stay together for four years, often with one faculty advisor for grade 9, another for grade 10 and a third for grades 11 & 12. Crew advisors are also frequently their advisees’ classroom teachers. Our primary focus in Crew is to ensure that each student: (1) is known well by at least one adult within the school and (2) is an active member of an on-going, small peer community. Crew activities are organized around three guiding questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What can I do to become more aware of who I am as an individual, a learner and a contributor to the school and broader community?
  • How am I doing?
  • How am I doing relative to the Guiding Principles and Pathways to Success?
    • Course standards?
    • My own academic, personal and character goals?
  • What are my plans for the future?
  • Where am I going? Which college will I attend? What careers do I want to explore?
  • What steps am I going to take now to get where I want to go?

Over four years, these three guiding questions will be explored through seven Crew Elements:

1. Relationships

  • Crew provides each student a one-to-one relationship with an adult advisor.
  • Crew provides an ongoing, small and supportive peer community.
  • Crew advisors serve as the student’s advocate in challenging situations.
  • Advisors monitor and support student progress.
  • Crew advisors act as the primary contact point between parents and the school.

2. Civic Dialogue

  • Each crew provides feedback on proposals for school change.
  • Crew hosts “courageous conversations” led by student-facilitators about the issues of the day.
  • Crew is the heart of CBHS student democracy

3. Service

  • Crews identify needs in the school and in the community and develop projects to address those needs.

4. Portfolio and Passage

  • Students practice presentations of their conference portfolio, the Freshmen Finale and the Sophomore Passage in crew and are coached through both processes by their advisor.
  • Students present their conference portfolio, the Freshmen Finale and the
  • Sophomore Passage to an audience that includes the advisor – and often fellow
  • crew-mates and parents.

5. Adventure and Fitness

  • Crew offers opportunities for team-building, adventure, fitness and wellness, guided first by the crew leader and then, when appropriate, by students.

6. Post-Secondary Preparation

  • Crew advisors assist in the exploration of career and post-secondary options and ensure students have specific post-secondary plans upon graduation.
  • Advisors coach students in application processes and college selection

7. School Administration

  • School communication and logistical tasks are often accomplished during crew, from surveys and announcements to course sign ups.
  • Crew is a required, one UP course and typically meets daily for thirty minutes. Each year, a student must meet all Crew standards in order to meet proficiency. This includes preparing for and leading student-parent-advisor conferences, one in the fall and one mid-year.